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So Slow.
June 28, 2012

After this crazy week of Tropical storm Debby I have been lazy and getting more tired from this lil’ one Stella. I did have a lot of fun during the storm. Literally had water front property for bout half a day. The street right next to us was filled up so much that we did’t even get to the deep end of it. Yes, we went into the water with who know’s what was in that, maybe alligators, but we had a blast. Dogs got to go swimming once everyone saw our dogs they got theirs out. It was like a little neighborhood block party.

A video my mom took!

Other then the storm I have been bad and haven’t done my walking since then. It is now beautiful outside and I will go for my walk today Addisson will be pretty excited about it :).

Sara Litardo



Infant Self Rescue
June 27, 2012

A blog post from my mom. This is about Infant Swimming Resource and how we plan on helping as many people as possible to get their children to these lessons asap. ♥


Infant Self Rescue.

Oh Rain.
June 24, 2012

Rain rain rain. It has been like this all week! I’m loving the rain for bringing in nice cool breeze at night. But boy all the gloomyness is makin’ me a wee bit tired. I  have been keeping up with my yoga though! Walking, eh not so much I only did a half walk yesterday but it did feel really nice. Today, I’m hoping it slows down on the rain so I can go for my walk.  Hm, I would love to have a rain jacket! For me and my dog! How cute would that be. Then I could say Ha Ha to the rain and go 🙂 Oh another thing I’m really lovin’ about the rain is that my garden is SO freaking happy. Its all lushes and green, some flowers are starting to pop up. Ugh, I love it.

The front yard !

This would be a great lil’ jacket for my dog!

Everyone have a fantastic day!

Sara Litardo


The Weekend Adventure, Into a New Challenge.
June 19, 2012

This weekend I was away in Tampa. My oh my was it beautiful there! I went to MetroCon. Its an event where you get dressed up in crazy outfits meet a bunch of people and have a lil’ fun.  I did not do any exercise intentionally but I sure as hell did a lot of walking. From the hotel, to the convention center, up and down stairs, around the convention center. I did this from Friday to Sunday ALL day. So I don’t know how many miles that would have been or what. But boy was I exhausted. I just got back home yesterday morning. I didn’t really do anything yesterday but just relax. I was still pooped out from the fun running around all weekend. Since, I had a ”day off” I woke up this morning feeling fresh and relaxed. First thing I did was have water and did 30 minuets of yoga! Now I am writing this blog drinking  more water then off to go for a walk with my dog. Today is going to be very productive.

My friend and I over the weekend!

Since my new challenge is ready to start I am going to do something new. My mom got inspired and thought of a way to make this Challenge more different for the body and mind. We are going to incorporate total self awareness into this challenge.

Awesome Quote 🙂

  1. I am going to write everything down that I do through out the day. Including my exercises, food intake, time spent on internet/video games, pretty much my time spent doing anything at all times. It will be written down.
  2. I will also write down the emotions I have during the day to each action.
  3. I will take note of EVERYTHING that makes me happy!
  4. I will list the 5 best things that happened to me during the day.

I am very excited to get started! This is going to be such an awesome adventure!

Make sure you go to take a look at my Mom’s blog and read about her challenge!

Much Love,

Sara Litardo


Maybe It’s His Fault
June 13, 2012

Sometimes all we see is the Result, and not the method. Don’t quit, don’t think it is gonna be perfect every time. Use your failures to make you stronger. This is the difference between a champion and a looser

Maybe It’s His Fault.

Sara Litardo

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Back on Track.
June 12, 2012

For about 3 weeks I’ve been slackin.  I was doing yoga maybe once or twice a week and no walking. Ah my body was mad at me. So for the past 3 or 4 day’s straight I have been back on my walking and yoga. Today I am officially back on my routine. I am walking the whole neighborhood instead of half, and I’m doing at least 20 minuets of yoga. Woot go me! I’m happy, body is happy, baby is happy, and dog is happy. I am now refreshing my self with a blueberry, banana, and granola shake.  Life is amazing. It’s beautiful outside and perfect day for the beach. Hmm, may hap I will go.

My dog Addisson on the left. And Lucy on the right 🙂

Me and my blueberry banana granola shake!


NeighborhoodMuch Love,

Sara Litardo


My story
June 10, 2012

I’m just going to write a real quick first post. ( I think)

For as long as I can remember I have always been over weight. I decided to put an end to it January this year. I mean isn’t 2012 about new beginnings. So, I got right on it and joined the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge! I haven’t looked back since. I started the challenge at 220 and ended my first challenge at 198. HOW awesome! 22lbs gone!  Then I got some big big big new beginning news. I found out I was pregnant on my birthday! So what am I to do!  I made some adjustments I stayed on the Challenge, but not the way you would think. My new priority was to be as healthy as possible during this pregnancy and knew I could do it with the help of the Body By Vi Challenge. So now I add 2 shakes and I don’t replace meals. This is helping me add massive Micro Nutrition to my body. And its helping me gain perfectly instead of gaining too much weight. I am now in my 3rd trimester. I’ve only gained 18lbs which is exactly how much I should be gaining. My doctor is thrilled and I feel good… Fantastic really.

Say, what about my physical exercise? Well, I love yoga! I just has to make some adjustments, like no twist no inversions no cobra (damn) but that’s okay I just keep going and enjoying how yoga benefits my body. I also go for walks. I take my dog with me. Her name is Addisson, and she’s going to be a really good sister/nanny.

What about after the baby?! Pooch to 5k program is coming up! ( my mom is doing that now ) I’m going to get more involved with my yoga practice. I’m going to do Vinyasa. I am also going to do crossfit ( I already do some now ).

So here you will get to read about my physical fitness and nutrition exploits. My purpose is to inspire and entertain YOU! Lets have fun!

My first Challenge

Sara Litardo