The Weekend Adventure, Into a New Challenge.

This weekend I was away in Tampa. My oh my was it beautiful there! I went to MetroCon. Its an event where you get dressed up in crazy outfits meet a bunch of people and have a lil’ fun.  I did not do any exercise intentionally but I sure as hell did a lot of walking. From the hotel, to the convention center, up and down stairs, around the convention center. I did this from Friday to Sunday ALL day. So I don’t know how many miles that would have been or what. But boy was I exhausted. I just got back home yesterday morning. I didn’t really do anything yesterday but just relax. I was still pooped out from the fun running around all weekend. Since, I had a ”day off” I woke up this morning feeling fresh and relaxed. First thing I did was have water and did 30 minuets of yoga! Now I am writing this blog drinking  more water then off to go for a walk with my dog. Today is going to be very productive.

My friend and I over the weekend!

Since my new challenge is ready to start I am going to do something new. My mom got inspired and thought of a way to make this Challenge more different for the body and mind. We are going to incorporate total self awareness into this challenge.

Awesome Quote 🙂

  1. I am going to write everything down that I do through out the day. Including my exercises, food intake, time spent on internet/video games, pretty much my time spent doing anything at all times. It will be written down.
  2. I will also write down the emotions I have during the day to each action.
  3. I will take note of EVERYTHING that makes me happy!
  4. I will list the 5 best things that happened to me during the day.

I am very excited to get started! This is going to be such an awesome adventure!

Make sure you go to take a look at my Mom’s blog and read about her challenge!

Much Love,

Sara Litardo



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  1. sara….you sooo great

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