Oh Rain.

Rain rain rain. It has been like this all week! I’m loving the rain for bringing in nice cool breeze at night. But boy all the gloomyness is makin’ me a wee bit tired. I  have been keeping up with my yoga though! Walking, eh not so much I only did a half walk yesterday but it did feel really nice. Today, I’m hoping it slows down on the rain so I can go for my walk.  Hm, I would love to have a rain jacket! For me and my dog! How cute would that be. Then I could say Ha Ha to the rain and go 🙂 Oh another thing I’m really lovin’ about the rain is that my garden is SO freaking happy. Its all lushes and green, some flowers are starting to pop up. Ugh, I love it.

The front yard !

This would be a great lil’ jacket for my dog!

Everyone have a fantastic day!

Sara Litardo




2 Responses

  1. Ohh I would Love to see you in a fancy Pick rain coat! Ahh When you start jogging, after Stella Comes, you’ll need a cap as well or your eye balls will sting!

    • Thank you! Ahh yes indeed! don’t want my eyes stinging 🙂

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