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July 1, 2013

I don’t understand, but lately in the new world the word “opportunity” has people running scared in their little hubby comfort zone. Have people forgotten that America was built on opportunity? I guess so. Well, I’m here to help you guys to have more of an open mind. When you see an opportunity to make things bigger, greater, and better for you, GO FOR IT! Don’t huddle away scared. Take a stand and run like hell with it. If you miss it at the time, don’t feel regret. You might have the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” feeling, but another,  maybe even better, opportunity will come. And that’s when you also run for it and never look back. You will change, things around you will change, but remember WHY you started. It could be for your own personal gain or for your family. No matter what, it is worth the risk. So, next time you see your sign of opportunity check it out even if it may not fit you don’t knock it til you try it. 

Much Love, 

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Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
June 23, 2013

Ok, I’m not but I wanted to go on a music rant post today. By the way my e84 is going great!

I just want to say how much I love Led Zeppelin. I thank my mom for introducing me to such an amazing poetic band. I fell in love with them right away. I wish I liked them earlier but its better later then never. We have had great time’s with this band. Playing it while we cook dinner singing at the top of our lungs and letting it all out. I can’t wait to do this with my daughter Stella. I played it for her when she was just in my belly.I had a little playlist for her. Led Zeppelin was definitely #1. Another band my mom and I use to sing a lot too, I mean a lot, is Santeria by the one and only Sublime. Music is definitely a big part of everyone’s life no matter what you are going through there is a song for everyone.

My mom and I use to have what we called “YouTube Night’s”. Oh my they are so much fun! SO I would love to share with you all the videos we have made together!

Enjoyyy ❤

^Foo fighters-Times like these


^Cake- I will Survive

^Bob Marley- Three Little Birds

Much love,

Sara Litardo



Counting Calories?
June 19, 2013

Check out my mom’s blog on calorie counting and how many calories you really should be having.


Counting Calories?.

Slow Down There Buddy!
June 18, 2013

Wow, just wow. Everything is amazing. So, as far as me evolving its great. Been on top on my yoga and jogging. I’ve decided with my next paycheck is to get my self a little something, a punching bag I’ve been seeing people on YouTube and random commercials just going at it on a punching bag. So, I figures it would be great to get since I want to take up some martial art classes and even kick boxing classes. Gotta tone this body up and I think it would be good just to let it all out on a bag.

The shakes, cafe rosso, and activate have been doing me really well. I’m super surprised of all the energy I’m getting. Now if I get more energy to go all out on the house that would be great haha. But I just figure I would give ya’ll an update! Enjoyyy 😉

Remember this, don’t ever give up no matter how much it may scare you… Stay tuned for the next post.


Much Love,

Sara Litardo


I’m Back!
January 19, 2013

Woot! Knee is healed and I’m back to jogging finally! This last week was so lazy I went on the inversion table for a little bit but just laziness after that. But It feels good to be back jogging. Golly I love it so much!  This time I took my other dog Dakota, an American Bull dog, very lazy but he did great and at a wonderful pace. Now he’s sleeping like a baby lol. My mom and daughter also came along! Stella loves being outside in the stroller.

Also, what I have decided to do is repeat the weeks until I master them. So, I am back to week 1. I’m thinking it may take me about 2 weeks , maybe even less,  to have a steady pace. I’m so done with being non motivated to do nothing, it doesn’t bring me any closer to being where I wanna be. So, Summer here I come and watch out I’m bringing as many people I can with me on this journey.

If you have been following me along with my Challenge and Pooch to 5k comment below I would love to see how everything is going with you and how you feel! If you have just found this blog come on and join me! Its So much fun to a better, healthier lifestyle.



Stella <3

Stella ❤

My mom!

My mom!

Much Love,

Sara Litardo


Week 2 Pooch to 5k: Oh the Knee’s!
January 10, 2013

Holy junk! Ok so today is was my day two of week two of the pooch to 5k. Boy oh boy so my knee’s hate me right now. It’s obviously been quite sometime since I last jogged and I also was probably a little bit smaller. So I’m guessing its my weight putting a bunch of pressure on my knee joints. I’m suppose to jog 90 seconds and walk 2 minuets 6 times. Well. I only got to 1 1/2 times lol. It hurt. So, coming back home I looked up ways to help get rid of my pain and heal the knee’s. That’s when I found the R.I.C.E method. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. That is what I am doing until I feel I can get back to jogging without hurting myself again. So during my break I will continue my yoga, do more knee and leg exercises, and going on the inversion table. 

Also, on other pages I saw that you should have some Ibuprofen. I don’t use ibuprofen any more so my mom found a natural pain relief. Tumeric and water!

  • 1-2 tsp. of Turmeric Powder or

  • 1 Oz Juiced Turmeric Root

  • 1 cup coconut water OR

  • Mix into fresh vegetable juice made in your juicer (celery, cucumber, ginger & lemon is a great anti-inflammatory juice to mix your turmeric into)


It’s not so tasty but it gets the job done!

Everyone enjoy your day! And if you are doing the Pooch to 5k with me don’t stop keep going I’ll catch up with you guys 🙂


Here’s my Mom’s page.

Much Love,

Sara Litardo


THE NEW BBV Challenge Is here!!!
January 6, 2013

THE NEW BBV Challenge Is here!!!.

Infant Self Rescue
June 27, 2012

A blog post from my mom. This is about Infant Swimming Resource and how we plan on helping as many people as possible to get their children to these lessons asap. ♥


Infant Self Rescue.

Oh Rain.
June 24, 2012

Rain rain rain. It has been like this all week! I’m loving the rain for bringing in nice cool breeze at night. But boy all the gloomyness is makin’ me a wee bit tired. I  have been keeping up with my yoga though! Walking, eh not so much I only did a half walk yesterday but it did feel really nice. Today, I’m hoping it slows down on the rain so I can go for my walk.  Hm, I would love to have a rain jacket! For me and my dog! How cute would that be. Then I could say Ha Ha to the rain and go 🙂 Oh another thing I’m really lovin’ about the rain is that my garden is SO freaking happy. Its all lushes and green, some flowers are starting to pop up. Ugh, I love it.

The front yard !

This would be a great lil’ jacket for my dog!

Everyone have a fantastic day!

Sara Litardo